Why Skylights Are the Unsung Heroes Of The Green Living Movement

Bringing more natural light into your home can be a great way to improve the eco-efficiency of your home and lower your utility bills in the process. In addition to simple decorative changes, homeowners can install windows, glass blocks and skylight can increase the eco-efficiency to brighten up rooms and make them more inviting and comfortable.


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Lebanese Cuisine Ranked Among the 6 Healthiest Ethnic Cuisines!

How awesome is this? Ray Reggie, a New Orleans native, shares why Lebanese cuisine is considered to be one of the healthiest meal options! Check out the article below to learn more.


Raymond Reggie

Lebanese Food

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Help Shelter Animals on 4th of July

Instead of going out and watching fireworks on 4th of July – these amazing people comforted scared shelter animals. Do you think this is something I can get to catch on here in New Orleans? I’d love to help out my friends at the local shelter!


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New Orleans

Comforting Scared Shelter Pets

Lavender Lemonade for Anxiety!


Ray Reggie

Lavender Lemonade

Ray Reggie Loves Green Living…

Ever checked out the Canadian website Green Living?  They have a great green living magazine that you can read right on the website.  I was looking it over and checking out the articles and I found a nice article about ways that you can combine volunteering with green living…both passions of mine!  The article is definately worth the read if you have a minute and the rest of this month’s issue is good too.  This magazine and website have nice articles, product reviews and tips for green living anywhere, not just Canada.  A lot of the ideas that are found on the site are also inexpensive which certainly helps in this economy…check it out for yourself.

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Ray Reggie Recommends…

Hey all,

I know it is Sunday and we are all trying to relax but I just found this article about the upcoming elections for Mayor of New Orleans and the possible candidates.  Wonder who else will be popping out of the woodwork before the campaigns actually begin??  Read the article about the candidates here…

Any opinions?  Let me know…i would love to hear your ideas!

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Sunflowers Helping New Orleans Go Green

Well, this is very interesting.  This article I found explains that a non-profit group named GTECH has this idea for planting sunflowers in vacant lots around the city.  They are already doing it in New Orleans.  While it is just a nice thing to do and will make some areas much prettier, there is more to it than that.  They are actually hoping that they will also be able to remove contaminants from the soil and provide green jobs, plus – as a bonus – the seeds can be harvested and turned into environmentally friendly biofuel.  Now I don’t know if sunflowers can do all that or not and even if they can’t, it isn’t a bad project…but if they can, how amazing is that?  I think I need to run out and buy some sunflower seeds of my own!

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